Another product that we’re very proud to be carrying is Thundershirt. Instead of medicating your dog whenever he/she gets stressed, Thundershirt is the natural solution! You really need to try it on your dog to believe it. Vets all over (including Singapore) recommend it.


What is Thundershirt?

Sasha Teacup Poodle SingaporeA short story first. Way before we started Super Cuddles Clubhouse, Sasha (our teacup poodle, left) used to become anxious due to her fear of thunder and so we started looking for a solution to help her.

During our research, the name Thundershirt kept cropping up again and again.

Skeptical at first, we decided to order one for her just to test out and to our amazement it worked so well, we started recommending it to friends and it was only natural that Thundershirt would be one of the products at Super Cuddles Clubhouse.

Thundershirt as the name suggests is a dog shirt that is made of a thin, durable and breathable fabric. It applies a gentle constant pressure on the dog’s body producing a calming effect. It shows significant improvement in over 80% of dogs when they are anxious, fearful or over-excited. Experts like Dr Temple Grandin, a noted veterinarian and professor at Colorado State University believes pressure has a calming effect on animals and people alike.

It works well for dogs with:

  • Fear of thunder
  • Separation anxiety
  • Excessive barking problems
  • Car or travel anxiety
  • Anxiety in crate
  • Reactivity
  • General fearfulness
  • Excitability
  • Leash pulling
  • Noise anxiety

Additionally, it is also used as a general training tools by many vets and dog trainers.


Thundershirt Colours

The shirt comes in three different colours, grey; blue & pink. However, we only have grey left in our current stock.

Heather Grey Thundershirt


Thundershirt Blue PoloBlue Polo Thundershirt


Thundershirt Pink PoloPink Polo Thundershirt


Thundershirt Sizes

We carry the following sizes for Thundershirt:

  • XXS: 22-33 cm (chest size) and <3kg (weight)
  • XS: 33-43 cm (chest size) and 4-5kg (weight) – Sold Out
  • S: 43-53 cm (chest size) and 7-11kg (weight) – Sold Out
  • M: 53-64 cm (chest size) and 12-18kg (weight)
  • L: 64-76 cm (chest size) and 19-29kg (weight)
  • XL: 76-94 cm (chest size) and 30-50kg (weight) – Sold Out

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